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Improve your fitness, Find inner peace

Yin Yoga and Yang (Power) Yoga Classes in Playa Del Ingles on Gran Canaria (The Canary Islands)!


Yoga is awesome. Just thinking about yoga makes me happy.
Yoga is bending. Twisting and contorting into a variety of postures.
Yoga is cyclical. Like the patterns of day and night, months, and years.
Yoga is Downward-Facing Dog. Adho Mukha Svanasana.
Yoga is effective. It really works.

Yoga is fair. It will never cheat you.
Yoga is growth. Spiritual, Emotional, Physical.
Yoga is healthy. It will help you live a longer and more happily.
Yoga is inspiring. You are encouraged to find your Edge.
Yoga is joy. Shared with a community.

Yoga is kind. It allows you to follow your path at your own pace, as you are ready.
Yoga is a lifestyle. It stays with you even when you leave your mat.
Yoga is mesmerizing. You can flow unconsciously through the asanas.
Yoga is a nap. Static postures are equally important as dynamic ones.
Yoga is open-minded. It allows you to interpret it any way you would like.

Yoga is a posture. Your body representing another form.
Yoga is quiet. It can speak to you without words.
Yoga is a risk. You will be encouraged to go beyond where you think you can.
Yoga is safe. Proper alignment can keep you free of injury.
Yoga is tiring, which is why yoga is also a nap.

Yoga is unique. Your expression is like no one else’s.
Yoga is vigorous. Your will experience many cardiovascular benefits.
Yoga is warming. External heat, Ujjayi breath.
Yoga is xenophilic. It welcomes all to join one community.
Yoga is yoga. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Yoga is zero. Everything you want it to be, or nothing at all.

– Marcus A. Dodd (MAD)

What yoga experience are you interested in?

26 Day Intensive Yoga Experience

3 July – 29 July

Deepen your yogic practice in beautiful Maspalomas, The Canary Islands!

Yoga in the Studio

Yin Yoga and Yang (Power) Yoga Classes offered in Playa Del Ingles.

Develop your inner and outer self with Yoga By Marcus.